Carles Puyol, passion for watches


Ball, time and people. Three constants in the daily life of Carles Puyol, a footballer who takes it to the limit every time.

A challenge that constitutes the athlete’s recognition of the time factor: time that has ticked at a different pace, eternal and heavy over a long giddy five years of personal accomplishment. His extreme punctuality, his great mental control throughout every match, his precise choice of the moment to move, with time for effort and time for rest, time for reading, music, for friends...This is how Carles Puyol enjoys his time.

The CP5 stands out from the rest with the extremely high standards of the man whose signature it bears. Like Carles Puyol - just a glimpse from a distance and you know exactly what you’re looking at.


The CP5 Project


The project came to life after an exchange of impressions between the player, a great enthusiast of the world of watches, and a group of friends. Talk very soon became action. The specialists’ first sketches started coming in until the definitive design was hit upon - sober, robust and very elegant. The entire process was overseen by Carles Puyol, whose player number 5 is a fundamental icon in the aesthetic conception of the piece. The CP5 is the only watch in the world inspired by the universe of football.

Its mechanical interior revolving bezel marks the 45 regulatory minutes of each half of a match.

The result is clear to see in each of its four different finishes: polished-satin finished steel, black steel, polished-satin finished steel and black steel, and black steel and pink gold. Details that have been created with the image of a particular lifestyle in mind – that of Carles Puyol, as unflagging in the pitch as he has been in his commitment to the CP5 concept from the day he accepted this unique challenge until its launch.